Story Starter Help with the Boxcar Children

A good way to practice writing stories is to think about a story you like and use the characters to write your own story about them.

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The first task is to outline the story before you begin writing. Write or type your ideas down on a separate page.

Characters: Who is in the story. For this story, the characters are the Boxcar Children and yourself, or some other character you'd like to add.





You choose

Setting: where the story takes place. In this story, the Boxcar Children go to a small town to visit a friend (the character you chose.) Give the town a name.

Plot: what the characters want to do in the story. For this story, there are three choices. Pick one.

Save a Woodland Playground

Help keep the friend's toy store open

Conflict: the challenge or problem they face. What is standing in their way of their goal from above?

Find a Valuable Book in an Old Mansion

People believe a ghost haunts the place.

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Resolution: How do they solve the problem? This is where you, the writer, put on your thinking cap. Jot down your idea. You will expand it when you write the story.

Now it's time to write the story! Type or write it out on a separate screen or piece of paper.

A bear that is too friendly keeps coming around

Someone wants to buy the place and knock it down

1. Start by describing the Boxcar Children, their friend, and where they are. (the characters and the setting.) 

Ending: How does everyone feel at the end? Jot an idea here. You will expand when you write the story.

2. Explain what they want to do. (the plot)

3. Explain what is standing in their way. (the conflict)

4. Explain how they solve the problem. (the resolution)

5. Write how everyone feels once they solve the problem. (the ending)

6. Now read the story you have written and check your spelling and grammar. (editing)

Congratulations!  You've written a story!