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WOLF STORM and WILDFIRE RUN are used by homeschoolers around the country. They are both on the Triple Crown Lists, which are books chosen "to encourage elementary and junior high students to read wholesome and uplifting books ... of the best literature."   Triple Crown Website 

Content issues in both books which might be of a concern are discussed below, but feel free to contact Dee at if you have any additional questions. To read a description of each book, click on its cover. Book trailers are on the home page of this website. They are useful to give readers a preview of the books.

WOLF STORM Discussion Questions

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Content Comments

All three stories are best for ages nine to fourteen, though some children on the younger side of the age range may find some aspects of the adventures too disturbing:

WOLF STORM (slight spoiler): There is an animal death at the end of the book. It is not one of the main animal characters, but was added in the book to illustrate the point that wolves are very territorial and will often attack and kill other wolves who venture into their territory.

WOLF RIDGE (spoiler): This story contains some violence against animals. A wolf is shot and killed in front of the main characters. There are scenes that make it clear wolves have killed and eaten goats. There are criminals in the story who threaten the main characters.

WILDFIRE RUN (spoiler): A Secret Service agent dies while trying to save the main character. A helicopter crashes and burns, and though the main characters don't know who was in the helicopter, it's clear none of the occupants could have survived.

A WILDFIRE RUN page is coming soon.